ILP affiliation


The TOPO-EUROPE Project forms Regional Coordinating Committee 1/3 of the International Lithosphere Program (ILP). TOPO-WECEP is an integral component of the TOPO-EUROPE Project and addresses its West and Central European Platform Natural Laboratory. Correspondingly, TOPO-WECEP is directly affiliated with ILP and operates under its logo. The TOPO-WECEP Project is coordinated and administered by the VU University Amsterdam, with Sierd Cloetingh and Jan-Diederik van Wees as coordinators and Anco Lankreijer as secretary general. Countries participating in TOPO-WECEP are invited to increase their financial contributions to ILP to contribute towards the costs of the new TOPO-WECEP coordination centre.

National Research Foundations

TOPO-WECEP participants are encouraged to apply with their respective National Science Foundations and/or Academies for funding of additional research positions. In this respect it is important that research positions contributed on a voluntary base to the TOPO-WECEP network are quantified and linked to their hosting institutions. Moreover, it is important to demonstrate to potential funding agencies that TOPO-WECEP is a well-established European research network and that the applied for research positions are embedded in a multi-disciplinary environment, which allows for training-through-research and mobility of young researchers.

EU 7th Framework Program

Once the TOPO-WECEP network has become fully operational consideration ought to be given to prepare EU 7th Framework Program proposals for either a Marie Curie Initial Training Network (MCITN) (replaces former Improvement Human Potential Scheme under which ENTEC operated) or a “Large Scale Research Infrastructure” (like NERIES), as well as for thematic calls to the Environment Theme of EU for topics such as natural hazards and geothermal energy.